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Mission Impossible.

Tom Cruise was already a megastar when he approached Paramount Pictures with his desire to turn the Mission Impossible television series, which he'd loved as a kid, into a major motion picture, they agreed and it would become the first film for Cruise's new production company.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by fellow IMF agent John Champion to talk about Mission Impossible. We discuss our first experiences with the series, creating the mission, setting the tone, Tom Cruise, the rest of the cast, the early internet, stunts, music and our ratings.

Impossible Experience (00:03:25)
Creating the Mission (00:11:11)
Setting the Tone (00:18:37)
Tom Cruise (00:27:37)
The Rest of the Class (00:33:34)
The Early Internet (00:37:43)
The Stunts (00:46:41)
The Music (00:54:34)
Ratings (01:00:22)

Matthew Rushing

John Champion

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