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X-Men: First Class.

After X2 the X-Men franchise would have some big hits on their hands with Last Stand and Wolverine: Origins, these films made money, but they were not critical successes, through a lot of behind the scenes machinations it was decided that the next film in the series would be a prequel.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Shawn Eastridge to talk about X-Men: First Class. We discuss mutant history, McAvoy, Fassbender and their moments together, a new Mystique, January Jones, Kevin Bacon, Hank, circumstances, you're not alone, time period and production, ratings and one last thing.

Mutant History (00:04:03)
McAvoy (00:14:59)
Fassbender (00:19:08)
Moments Together (00:21:26)
New Mystique (00:25:54)
January Jones (00:31:38)
Kevin Bacon (00:34:07)
Hank McCoy (00:42:23)
Circumstances (00:45:06)
You Are Not Alone (00:51:24)
Time Period and Production (00:55:13)
Ratings (01:01:32)
One Last Random Thought (01:06:20)

Matthew Rushing

Shawn Eastridge

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