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Iron Fist.

Marvel's Netflix series have seen quite a bit of success beginning with Daredevil, then leading into Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, but before we get to The Defenders there is one more stop they had to make in K'un-Lun to pick up a wayward kung fu master.

In this supplemental episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Daniel Proulx to talk about Iron Fist. We discuss our first impressions, the characters, plot and premise, fight scenes, the music, The Defenders and our ratings.

First Impressions (00:03:01)
Danny Rand/Finn Jones (00:12:33)
Colleen Wing (00:24:59)
The Meachum Kids (00:28:59)
Davos (00:36:55)
Bakuto (00:39:02)
Claire Temple (00:39:56)
David Wenham (00:42:46)
Plot and Premise (00:46:07)
Fight Scenes (00:53:48)
The Music (01:00:20)
The Defenders (01:03:19)
Ratings (01:08:36)

Matthew Rushing

Daniel Proulx

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