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Christie Golden: Dark Disciple.

In this supplemental episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing and John Mills welcome author Christie Golden to talk about her book Star Wars: Dark Disciple. We discuss her Star Wars story, favorite characters, researching The Clone Wars, things that stood out to her, Obi-Wan, Yoda and the Council, a moral quagmire, personal arcs, favorite and hardest things to write, Vos, the writing process, love and death, eras to write and where to find Christie online. 



Matthew Rushing



John Mills 

Christie Golden


Editor and Producer

Matthew Rushing


Executive Producers

C Bryan Jones and Norman C. Lao


Associate Producers

Ken Tripp


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Manager

Will Nguyen



Intro (00:00:29)  

Dark Disciple Author (00:04:13)  

Christie‚Äôs Star Wars Story (00:05:13)  

Favorite Characters (00:07:54)  

Researching The Clone Wars (00:09:56)  

Things That Stood Out (00:15:01)  

Obi-Wan, Yoda and The Council (00:18:55)  

Moral Quagmire (00:22:32)  

Personal Arcs (00:29:20)  

Favorite Things, Hardest Things (00:33:06)  

The Dude Abides (00:36:20)  

The Writing Process (00:38:42)  

Love and Death (00:42:04)  

Eras to Write (00:46:40)  

Christie Online and Upcoming Work (00:48:00)  


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