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84: C-3PO Burlesque Show

Star Wars: Clone Wars.

In 2003, as Star Wars fans eagerly anticipated the last film in the saga, a surprise arrived on Cartoon Network, Clone Wars, a micro series of 20 episodes that gave a taste of what the war was like. With the success of the first 20, Lucas asked for 5 more episodes which would be longer and tell the story of the crawl from Episode III.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Jedi Masters Bruce Gibson and John Mills to talk about Star Wars: Clone Wars. We discuss our Clone Wars experience, volume one, if it’s still fun, volume two, leading up to Episode III, voices, being over-written and doing yourself a favor.

Something Fun to Do (00:03:10)
Clone Wars Experience (00:04:35)
Volume One (00:16:52)
Still Fun? (00:25:21)
Volume Two (00:28:42)
Leading Up to Episode III (00:39:27)
Voices (00:42:18)
Over-Written (00:47:14)
Do Yourself a Favor (00:52:47)

Matthew Rushing

Bruce Gibson
John Mills

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