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75: Asgardian Entitlement


After The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 it was time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to stretch itself and bring in something mythical, the Norse god of thunder Thor, as well as truly begin the ramp-up to the coming Avengers movie.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Andrea Coffman and Andi VanderKolk to talk about Marvel’s Thor. We discuss the tale of the hammer, the cast and story, Thor, Jane, Oden and Frigga, Idris Elba, the Thor-tourage, slowing it down, a whole new world, the MCU connection and our ratings.

The Not So Dark World (00:01:08)
Tale of the Hammer (00:03:47)
The Cast and Story (00:09:53)
Thor (00:10:21)
Jane (00:17:55)
Oden and Frigga (00:29:59)
Idris Elba (00:31:45)
The Thor-tourage (00:33:30)
A Whole New World (00:43:46)
The MCU Connections (00:49:56)
Ratings (00:56:06)

Matthew Rushing

Andrea Coffman
Andi VanderKolk

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