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73: The Scrappy Doo of Scooby Doo

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie.

“It’s very much Star Wars. It’s not a, you know, South Park comedy. It’s not a baby girls show like Hannah Montana. It’s sort of the first dramatic animated show that is, um, PG-13, so it doesn’t really go on late night, it doesn’t go on Saturday afternoon, it actually doesn’t go anywhere. I don’t know what we’re gonna do with it, but we’re having a hell of a lot of… a great time making it.” George Lucas in 2007 on Late Night with Conan O’Brien talking about the new series he was developing, The Clone Wars.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Bethany Blanton and Bruce Gibson to talk about Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie. We discuss our Clone Wars experience, the animation style, the Christophsis opening, the characterizations, Ahsoka’s introduction and impact, three teachers, if it’s Anakin or Ahsoka’s story, if it set the stage for The Force Awakens, the music, The Clone Wars Vs. Rebels, favorite scenes and ratings.

The Clone Wars Movie (00:02:09)
The Clone Wars Experience (00:03:26)
The Animation Style (00:10:53)
The Christophsis Opening (00:15:48)
The Characterizations (00:24:05)
Ashoka’s Introduction (00:39:44)
Ashoka’s Impact (00:46:25)
Three Teachers (00:54:35)
Anakin or Ahsoka’s Story (00:55:32)
Does it Set the Stage for The Force Awakens (00:57:46)
The Music (01:06:33)
The Clone Wars Vs. Rebels (01:11:02)
Favorite Scenes (01:19:28)
Ratings (01:23:39)

Matthew Rushing

Bethany Blanton
Bruce Gibson

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