The 602 Club: A Geekery Speakeasy
71: It’s Murder She Wrote

Agent Carter: Season 2.

Television is a brutal master and getting a season two in today’s landscape is a tough thing to do, so fans of Agent Carter were relieved when it was announced that the fledgling series would be given a second chance.

Before the episode begins we announce the winner of the Star Wars 602 Club Feed review contest!

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Alice Baker to talk about Agent Carter season 2. We discuss thoughts on season 1, the show being set in Hollywood this season, the case file, more forced, putting it all on the table, feeling familiar, asking for the impossible, how to make it better, characters, if we get more and our ratings.

Contest Winner (00:01:13)
Season One (00:03:49)
We’re Off to Hollywood (00:06:05)
The Case File (00:10:46)
More Forced (00:13:55)
Put it All on the Table (00:17:19)
Feels Very Familiar (00:22:29)
Asking for the Impossible (00:25:55)
How Could They Make it Better (00:29:07)
Characters (00:34:30)
If We Get More (00:39:57)
Ratings (00:51:34)

Matthew Rushing

Alice Baker

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