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6: Ken Burns' Film From the Future


Visionary director Christopher Nolan burst on to the screen with Memento and since then has continued to intrigue and provoke though in audiences with films like Inception and The Dark Knight Trilogy.

In this episode of The 602 Club, host Matthew Rushing is joined by Darren Moser and Norman C. Lao to discuss the release of Interstellar. From their first impressions, to characters, robots, and ship designs, they try not to get lost in the fifth dimension all while trying to keep the show under the running time of the movie.



Matthew Rushing



Darren Moser and Norman C. Lao


Editor and Producer

Matthew Rushing


Associate Producers

Norman C. Lao



Interstellar: First Impressions (00:01:30)

Plot and Themes (00:10:09)

It Get's Timey Whimey (00:20:10)

Characters (00:41:47)

Best Robots Ever? (00:56:57)

Ship Designs (01:04:35)

The Score (01:14:45)

Final Thoughts (01:27:37)

Closing (01:33:20)


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