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Star Wars: Most Wanted.

When a new Star Wars movie is released, fans eagerly anticipate novels that will tie into that film and expand around it. Since Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm, fans have enjoyed adult novels, YA and middle grade books, all telling stories that hopefully deepen the knowledge of the characters and universe, luckily the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story is no exception.

In this supplemental episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by fellow scrumrat John Mills to talk about Rae Carson's Most Wanted. We discuss reading the YA books, the good guy, the counterpoint, is money freedom, world building themes, new syndicates, the Droid Gotra, worldview, going to space and our ratings.

Reading the YA Novels (00:03:39)
The Good Guy (00:10:25)
The Counterpoint (00:19:17)
Is Money Freedom? (00:30:16)
World Building Themes (00:33:08)
New Syndicates (00:40:15)
The Droid Gotra (00:43:17)
Worldview (00:51:12)
Going to Space (00:55:19)
Ratings (00:58:30)

Matthew Rushing

John Mills

Matt's Written Review

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