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Rebel Rising.

Franchises enable fans the opportunity to get to know characters over many movies or episodes of a television show, but Rogue One's main characters were people that would only be in one movie and then most of them would never be seen again, opening the door for the literature to in fill in the backstories.

In this supplemental episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Bruce Gibson to talk about the new Star Wars book, Rebel Rising. We discuss the structure of the book, YA books, fighting the Empire, what the Empire's like, a tangent, a metaphor, Jyn and our ratings.

The Structure (00:03:19)
YA Books (00:09:53)
Fighting the Empire (00:13:56)
What the Empire's Like (00:26:08)
A Tangent (00:28:13)
A Metaphor (00:30:10)
Jyn (00:34:34)
Ratings (00:50:34)

Matthew Rushing

Bruce Gibson

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