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S21: Man in the Holocron

Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 Premiere.

The season two finale of Star Wars Rebels completely changed the landscape of the show, as Ahsoka finally confronted Vader and viewers were left with the mystery of exactly what when down at the Sith temple. Plus Kanan was blinded by Maul and Ezra came into possession of a Sith holocron.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Bruce Gibson and William Devereux to talk about the premiere of Star Wars Rebels season three. We discuss coming into season three, Kanan and the Bendu, Ezra’s Journey, retreating, Thrawn, a sense of purpose and ratings.

Coming Into Season 3 (00:04:52)
Kanan and The Bendu (00:12:10)
Ezra’s Journey (00:22:06)
Retreating (00:32:37)
Thrawn (00:34:28)
One Quick Thing (00:38:35)
Grand Sense of Purpose (00:40:19)
Ratings (00:44:47)

Matthew Rushing

Bruce Gibson
William Devereux

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