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89: Indelible Mark


There are very few things that remain popular for 75 years, that are able to worm their way into the zeitgeist of the entire world so that no matter where you are there will be two things someone there will know, the symbol of the cross and the shield of the House of El.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by John Mills to talk about the first superhero, Superman. We discuss what keeps us coming back, his endurance, different interpretations, what the truest expression of him is, nature vs. nurture, public and personal personas, reinvention rejection, if he’s been explored enough and some comic recommendations.

It’s Superman (00:03:41)
What Keeps Us Coming Back (00:04:52)
That is Superman (00:07:42)
Endurace (00:10:56)
Different Interpretations (00:14:58)
What is the Truest Expression (00:22:26)
Nature vs. Nurture (00:33:03)
Public and Personal Persona (00:37:17)
Reinvention Rejection (00:41:45)
Explored Enough (00:46:07)
Comic Recommendations (01:00:39)

Matthew Rushing

John Mills

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