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80: The Right to Choose

Captain America: Civil War.

The character of Steve Rogers has been on one of the most intense journey’s of any of the Marvel heroes. He’s gone from a scrawny man with a hero’s heart, to super soldier hero, to man out of time, to leader of the Avengers, all to come up against his greatest challenge, a world at odds with his worldview.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by fellow Avengers Megan Calcote, plus Bethany and Riley Blanton to talk about Captain America: Civil War. We discuss choosing side, team Iron Man, team Cap, team Ross, revenge, new heroes, hero against hero, the fight in Siberia, a few last things, a quick rundown and ratings.

Choosing Sides (00:03:37)
Team Iron Man (00:05:23)
Team Cap (00:15:37)
Team Ross (00:28:46)
Revenge (00:31:09)
New Heroes (00:42:55)
Hero Against Hero (00:53:20)
The Fight in Siberia (01:02:24)
A Couple Last Things (01:06:07)
A Quick Rundown (01:11:46)
Ratings (01:13:28)

Matthew Rushing

Bethany Blanton
Megan Calcote
Riley Blanton

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