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Rambo: First Blood II.

With the success of the first film it was a forgone conclusion that the studio would want a sequel regardless of whether or not the source material ended with the main character dying at the end.

In this episode of The 602 Club hosts Matthew Rushing and Christy Morris welcome back John Mills to help us talk about Rambo: First Blood II. We discuss bringing back the character, politics and the men, the softer side, not expendable, the ending, a thrill ride, Martin Love, ratings and out recommendations.

Bringing Back the Character (00:03:44)
Politics and the Men (00:11:01)
The Softer Side (00:15:32)
Not Expendable (00:24:51)
The Ending (00:33:45)
A Thrill Ride (00:40:49)
Martin Kove (00:50:14)
Ratings (00:51:38)
Recommendations (00:55:33)

Matthew Rushing

Christy Morris

John Mills

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