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The Karate Kid.

The 80s were full of movies that have continued to stay in the cultural zeitgeist, even spurring on new material because of their continued popularity.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by his Snyder Cuts' partner, John Mills to talk about The Karate Kid. We discuss our firs kid, behind the scenes, authenticity, toxic masculinity, true manhood, dealing with disappointment, the cast, the villains, the music, our ratings and recommendations.

Our First Kick (00:03:49)
Behind the Scenes (00:06:48)
Authenticity (00:10:27)
Toxic Masculinity (00:16:52)
True Manhood (00:26:45)
Dealing With Disappointment (00:33:06)
Pat Morita (00:39:17)
Ralph Macchio (00:44:36)
Elizabeth Shue (00:48:08)
The Villains (00:50:10)
The Music (00:54:12)
Ratings (00:57:28)
Recommendation (01:01:06)

Matthew Rushing

John Mills

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