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Enola Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most enduring characters in all of literature and film, having been played by more that seventy-five actors in over two hundred and fifty different productions and now it is his sister's turn to share the limelight.

In this episode hosts Matthew Rushing and Christy Morris discuss Enola Holmes from Netflix. We discuss our Holmes experiences, a book first, a passion project, the cast, stagnate or move forward, the value of selflessness, heavy handed, the store, our ratings and recommendations.

Holmes Experiences (00:03:42)
A Book First (00:05:51)
A Passion Project (00:08:00)
Millie Bobby Brown (00:13:05)
Henry Cavill (00:19:44)
Sam Claflin (00:24:08)
Helena Bonham Carter (00:27:15)
Louis Partridge (00:30:46)
Stagnate or Move Forward (00:33:45)
The Value of Selflessness (00:36:10)
Heavy Handed (00:39:41)
The Score (00:46:32)
Ratings (00:48:33)
Recommendations (00:52:26)

Matthew Rushing

Christy Morris

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