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Superman II.

Superman: The Movie was a smash success and it would become the second-highest-grossing film of the year, guaranteeing that sequel would be coming, yet behind the scenes things were anything but smooth in it reaching the screen.

In this 300th episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing welcomes Scott McClellan from DC Films Squadcast to talk about Superman II. We discuss the behind the scenes, Lester's work, the story, the classic Superman Struggle, adding to Superman, the Lex problem, Zod and his posse, no John Williams, ratings and our recommendations.

The First Justice League (00:04:25)
Lester's Work (00:13:48)
The Story (00:23:03)
The Classic Superman Struggle (00:29:09)
Adding to Superman (00:31:20)
The Lex Problem (00:43:20)
Zod and His Posse (00:47:32)
No John Williams (00:55:42)
Ratings (00:59:12)
Recommendations (01:03:25)

Matthew Rushing

Scott McClellan

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