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Christopher Nolan has become one of the greatest filmmakers of our time and his latest movie has reopened theaters around the world, finally allowing fans the opportunity to see it where it belongs, on the big screen.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by John Mills to talk about Tenet. We discuss being back in the theater, the big screen, hitting the ground running, the mechanics of time, the cast, respecting the actors, Nolan's new cynicism?, the soundtrack and our ratings.

Back in the Theater (00:03:15)
The Big Screen (00:08:06)
Hits the Ground Running (00:10:20)
The Mechanics of Time (00:24:40)
John David Washington (00:38:38)
Pattinson and Branagh (00:43:02)
Elizabeth Debicki (00:48:37)
Respecting the Actors (00:53:10)
Nolan's New Cynicism? (00:57:41)
The Soundtrack (01:07:03)
Ratings (01:09:26)

Matthew Rushing

John Mills

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