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Green Lantern: Extended Edition.

As the Dark Knight trilogy is coming to an end, Warner Brothers decides that it will finally green light a film that had been in development since 1997 to be its next superhero venture.

In this episode of The 602 Club hosts Matthew Rushing and Christy Morris welcome John Mills to talk about Green Lantern: Extended Edition. We discuss if we saw it in the theater, the comics, pre-production, an introduction, explaining the Corps, living in a Shadow, Carol Ferris, Ryan Reynolds, the tone, Mark Strong, villains, CGI suites, the score, our ratings and recommendations.

See it in the Theater? (00:03:12)
Comics (00:05:22)
Brightest Day, Blackest Night (00:09:06)
Introduction (00:15:06)
Explaining the Corps (00:25:14)
Living in a Shadow (00:29:24)
The Power of Fear/Carol Ferris (00:36:01)
Ryan Reynolds (00:43:00)
The Tone (00:47:22)
Mark Strong (00:52:16)
Villains (00:57:46)
CGI Suit (01:00:51)
The Score (01:05:04)
Ratings (01:07:40)
Recommendation (01:13:47)

Matthew Rushing

Christy Morris

John Mills

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