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Star Wars: Shadow Fall.

Alphabet Squadron was able to defeat Shadow Wing but they are far from gone, so the Squad has created a trap they hope Shadow Wing will walk into, but will secrets festering in the Squad undermine everything before they can spring the trap?

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by John Mills to talk about the second book in the Alphabet Squadron series, Shadow Fall. We discuss setting a trap, Shadow Wing, the biggest hurtle, "Empire Strikes Back" feel, Hera, Secrets, Force cults, ratings and our recommendations.

Setting a Trap (00:03:14)
Shadow Wing (00:07:08)
The Biggest Hurtle (00:13:22)
"Empire Strikes Back" Feel (00:21:57)
Hera (00:31:53)
Secrets (00:35:40)
Force Cults (00:38:34)
Ratings (00:44:36)
Recommendations (00:47:32)

Matthew Rushing

John Mills

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