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Artemis Fowl.

In 2001 the first book in a new fantasy series for kids was released which would spawn seven sequels and lead to a long stay in development hell for a film adaptation, which finally came to an end in 2020 when the movie was released on Disney+.

In this episode of The 602 Club hosts Matthew Rushing and Christy Morris talk about Artemis Fowl. We discuss our familiarity with the story, a long development, source material differences, true fairy tales, the cast lurking in the shadows, the music, our ratings and recommendations.

Familiarity (00:02:47)
A Long Development (00:06:28)
Source Material Differences (00:08:14)
True Fairy Tales (00:14:54)
Ferdia Shaw (00:23:58)
Holly Shaw (00:29:40)
Josh Gad (00:33:03)
Juliet (00:36:58)
Bulter (00:38:23)
Colin Farrell (00:40:52)
Judi Dench (00:44:49)
Lurking in the Shadows (00:47:41)
The Music (00:53:27)
Ratings (00:56:49)
Recommendations (01:00:46)

Matthew Rushing

Christy Morris

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