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Inside Out.

Pixar made it's name with high concept ideas and incredible animation, from Toy Story to Wall-E to Up, the studio continued to push itself, always wanting to create something unique.

In this episode of The 602 Club hosts Matthew Rushing and Christy Morris talk about Inside Out. We discuss a big risk, the importance of sadness, the importance of emotion, emotions in adults, the importance of memory, the voice cast, the score, our ratings and recommendations.

Taking a Risk (00:03:17)
The Importance of Sadness (00:11:38)
The Importance of Emotions (00:19:30)
Emotions in Adults (00:22:20)
The Importance of Memory (00:27:51)
The Voice Cast (00:37:10)
The Score (00:47:31)
Ratings (00:49:49)
Recommendations (00:51:38)

Matthew Rushing

Christy Morris

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