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Resistance Reborn.

The Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker continues as we pick up where The Last Jedi left off - the decimated Resistance finds itself in the worst possible position, with only the Millennium Falcon plus a few starfighers to it's name and no allies having answered Leia's call.

Ion this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing welcomes Bruce Gibson to talk about Resistance Reborn. We discuss a decimated Resistance, the power of the First Order, redeeming the resistance, doing what is right, the First Order story, connecting the dots, the finale, ratings and our recommendations.

The Millennium Falcon and a Few Starfighters (00:04:11)
The Power of the First Order (00:11:05)
Redeeming the Resistance (00:20:18)
Doing What is Right (00:30:41)
The First Order Story (00:36:51)
Connecting the Dots (00:42:19)
Some Random Things (00:51:43)
The Finale (00:54:34)
Ratings (00:58:31)
Recommendations (01:01:44)

Matthew Rushing

Bruce Gibson

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