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Thrawn: Treason.

The character of Grand Admiral Thrawn has been a fan favorite since his introduction in 1991 in Heir to the Empire and now Timothy Zahn wraps up a new trilogy with this character, filling in Thrawn's story during his time away from Lothal in Star Wars Rebels season four.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing welcomes John Mills and Bruce Gibson to talk about Thrawn: Treason. We discuss filling in the gap, playing everyone, juxtaposition, Stardust, protégé, reactions to the Death Star, the Chiss, Zahn's contributions, the Unknown Regions and our ratings.

Filling in the Gap (00:04:37)
Playing Everyone (00:08:26)
Juxtaposition (00:13:16)
Stardust (00:25:29)
Protégé (00:30:21)
Reactions to the Death Star (00:33:02)
More About the Chiss (00:39:17)
Zahn's Contributions (00:44:12)
The Unknown Regions (00:48:25)
Ratings (00:53:49)

Matthew Rushing

John Mills
Bruce Gibson

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