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Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron.

When Disney bought Lucasfilm and rebooted the literature, to be in line with canon, one of the biggest losses was the fan-favorite, X-Wing series. Not only did it given fans some of the best characters in Legends, but it also told the story of important events post Return of the Jedi. Now, for fans clamoring for the return of a squadron based series comes the first book in Alexander Freed’s new trilogy.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing welcomes Alex Damon of Star Wars Explained to talk about Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron. We discuss the cost, the pace, the new characters, Operation Cinder, tie-ins, Caern's obsession, Hera, ships, the other story, comparison and our ratings.

The Cost (00:03:48)
The Pace (00:07:42)
Yrica Quell (00:11:29)
Operation Cinder (00:16:13)
Tie-ins (00:21:02)
Caern's Obsession (00:21:38)
Hera (00:29:45)
Chass (00:34:55)
Kairos (00:39:05)
Wyl (00:43:51)
Nath (00:49:17)
Ships (00:51:34)
The Other Story (00:54:52)
Comparison (00:58:49)
Ratings (01:03:39)

Matthew Rushing

Alex Damon

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