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Watchmen: Director's Cut.

The first issue of Watchmen was released in 1986, upending the status quo in comics by deconstructing the genre in a way that would alter the course of comics forever. The graphic novel is on Time's 100 best novels and for most of its existence it has been considered unfilmable.

In this episode of The 602 Club Matthew Rushing and Christy Morris welcome Scott McClellan of The Suicide Squadcast to talk about Zack Snyder's Watchmen: Director's Cut. We discuss experiencing Watchmen, the world of Watchmen, the question of power, the nature of existence, visuals, brutality, deconstructing comic book movies, the cast, the end and our ratings.

Experiencing Watchmen (00:04:18)
The World of Watchmen (00:16:21)
The Question of Power (00:20:43)
The Nature of Existence (00:37:04)
Visuals (00:44:52)
Brutality (00:48:15)
Deconstructing Comic Book Movies (00:50:28)
The Cast (00:54:00)
The End (01:01:50)
Ratings (01:09:42)

Matthew Rushing

Christy Morris

Scott McClellan

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