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Incredibles 2.

Fourteen years ago, Pixar introduced us to it’s world of superheroes and the Parr family. The film was a massive success and with each announcement of new Pixar sequels the question was always, “But when are we getting an Incredibles sequel?”. Luckily for fans, the wait is over and Brad Bird has finally giving fans the long awaited return of the Parr family.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Christy Morris to talk about Incredibles 2. We discuss 14 long years, good for goodness sake, villain with a point, what separates heroes from villains, perception is reality, from Mr. Incredible to Mr. Mom, needing help, nurturing children, truly a fantastic four and our ratings.

14 Long Years (00:03:12)
Good for Goodness Sake (00:06:31)
Villain With a Point (00:10:38)
What Separates Heroes From Villains (00:19:46)
Perception is Reality (00:19:46)
From Mr. Incredible to Mr. Mom (00:23:21)
Needing Help (00:30:36)
Nurturing Children (00:34:26)
Truly a Fantastic Four (00:38:12)
Cynicism of the Age (00:42:06)
Ratings (00:45:49)

Matthew Rushing

Christy Morris

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