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Ocean's 8.

In 2001, Steven Soderbergh brought cool back to the cinema with his remake of Ocean's 11 staring some of Hollywood's biggest names and because it was such a hit, it would inspire two more sequels and a further reimagining.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Alice Baker to talk about Ocean's 8. We discuss our Ocean's history, impressions, the heist, in another world, characters, comparing, two gentlemen, surprises, things enjoyed and our ratings.

Ocean's History (00:06:11)
Impressions (00:10:09)
The Heist (00:12:34)
In Another World (00:15:25)
Characters (00:18:36)
Comparing (00:22:43)
Two Gentlemen (00:30:38)
Surprised (00:36:33)
Things Enjoyed (00:39:35)
Ratings (00:41:39)

Matthew Rushing

Alice Baker

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