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X2: X-Men United.

The first X-Men movie changed the landscape of the superhero filmmaking forever, in some ways redeeming the genre and making it something that people began to take more seriously.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Shawn Eastridge to talk about X2: X-Men United. We discuss picking up from the first film, starting off with a bang, blessing and a curse, the coming war, road to Dark Phoenix, anger vs faith, quiet moments, new mutants, dealing with people, does it hold up and our ratings.

Picking Up From the First Film (00:04:47)
Off With a Bang (00:07:52)
Blessing and a Curse (00:15:14)
A War is Coming (00:19:50)
The Road to Dark Phoenix (00:29:37)
Anger vs Faith (00:37:01)
Quiet Moments (00:40:08)
New Mutants (00:44:29)
Nightcrawler (00:52:31)
The Way You Deal With People (00:54:41)
Does it Hold Up and Ratings (00:57:41)

Matthew Rushing

Shawn Eastridge

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