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On April 18, 1938 the world was introduced to the first superhero, Superman and in the first few panels, we learned about the world he came from, Krypton, how it was doomed and Kal-El was sent to away in a rocket ship to save him. In the last 80 years since Action Comics #1, the lore of Krypton has been added to, making it a rich culture and fascinating doomsday story.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Brandi Jackola to discuss the SYFY Channel's new Superman prequel, Krypton. We discuss our excitement going in, the beginning of the end, Kryptonian curse, rankless hope, Black Zero, something for everyone, the cast and our ratings.

Excitement Level (00:04:54)
The Beginning of the End (00:11:34)
Kryptonian Curse (00:18:21)
Rankless Hope (00:25:57)
Black Zero (00:30:25)
Something for Everyone (00:33:59)
Seg-El (00:36:06)
Lyta-Zod (00:39:11)
Nyssa-Vex (00:43:28)
Adam Strange (00:49:28)
Ratings (00:55:00)

Matthew Rushing

Brandi Jackola

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