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Black Panther.

Marvel has been a juggernaut in the superhero film business since it's surprise hit, Iron Man in 2008 and since that time it has continued to grow it's cinematic universe exponentially and this year is no exception.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing welcomes Nic Anastassiou to talk about Black Panther. We discus our history with the character, the cultural impact, the characters, "we" not "us vs them", humor, the truth, story and cgi, wrapping up with our ratings.

Our History (00:04:20)
This Year's Wonder Woman (00:07:11)
What Kind of King You Want to Be (00:10:13)
Lupita Nyong'o (00:20:31)
Killmonger (00:23:49)
Tapping Into Something (00:33:04)
"We" Not "Us vs Them" (00:37:46)
Shuri (00:45:03)
Martin Freeman and the Humor (00:49:51)
Andy Serkis (00:53:55)
The Truth Will Set You Free (00:56:25)
Story and CGI (01:01:35)
Rating (01:16:00)

Matthew Rushing

Nic Anastassiou

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