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The Punisher.

Netflix as become the premiere destination for Marvel's best shows for television, Daredevil kicked it all off and the second season of that show helped launch the origin of their latest show.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by John Mills to talk about The Punisher. We discuss our history with the character, picking up the story, Frank and PTSD, spying 24/7, helpful allies, villains, a honest debate and our ratings.

Punisher History (00:02:30)
Picking Up the Story (00:07:55)
Frank Castle and PTSD (00:12:30)
Spying 24/7 (00:18:57)
Lewis (00:24:07)
Karen (00:33:37)
Honest Debate (00:40:08)
Madani (00:47:16)
Billy Russo (00:54:25)
Radar Issues (00:57:59)
Villains (01:00:34)
Micro (01:03:27)
Ratings (01:07:27)

Matthew Rushing

John Mills

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