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Justice League.

In 2013 Zack Snyder, DC Comics and Warner Brothers started a journey to bring the characters of the comics to screen in a way they had not been seen before. Backed by Christopher Nolan as an executive producer, they began with Man of Steel. Superman’s origin was retold for the first time since 1978, asking the question, “What would it actually be like to actually have this being on our world?”. The saga continued with Batman v Superman, introducing us to a Batman on the edge becoming the villain and an appearance by the enigma known as Wonder Woman. In the end they save the world but lose one of their own. Although Snyder did not direct Wonder Woman, he helped write the story which bookends in the present, to tie into the culmination of all this set up in Justice League.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is going by League members Bruce Gibson and John Mills to talk about the latest DC Comics film, Justice League. We discuss going in, connection the dots, so much going on, going back to Themyscira and on to Atlantis, the audience, Batman, Wonder Woman, resurrection, the new characters, Steppenwolf, darkness and light, action, music, end credits and our ratings.

Going All In (00:05:01)
Connecting the Dots (00:08:12)
So Much Going On (00:12:30)
Back to Themyscira and on to Atlantis (00:23:34)
The Audience (00:35:24)
Batman (00:40:55)
Wonder Woman (00:47:23)
J.K. Simmons (00:51:56)
Resurrection (00:52:56)
Superman Returns (00:59:03)
Flash (01:08:22)
The Aquaman (01:12:34)
Cyborg (01:15:40)
Steppenwolf (01:20:25)
Darkness and Light (01:25:55)
Action Scenes (01:28:08)
The Music (01:28:08)
End Credit Sequences (01:42:50)
Ratings (01:45:28)

Matthew Rushing

Bruce Gibson
John Mills

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