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Flash Gordon.

In 1934 Alex Raymond created a new comic strip as a rival to Buck Rogers, by 1936 it was being made into a film serial and would spawn multiple live action and animated takes on the character of Flash Gordon. Finally in 1980, after years in development hell, the big screen version was released.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by John Champion to talk about Flash Gordon. We discuss the history of the character, the movie history, the feel and milieu of the film, the cast, the music and what keeps people coming back.

The History (00:03:26)
The Movie History (00:13:21)
The Feel, the Milieu (00:23:59)
The Cast (00:35:21)
The Music (00:42:48)
Keep Coming Back (00:49:58)

Matthew Rushing

John Champion

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