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113: Intergalactic Titanic


Original scifi movies are few and far between Hollywood these days, it's not every year that an Interstellar comes out and 2016 had one original scifi movie Arrival with the hope of another during the holiday season starring megastars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by Christy Morris and Richard Marquez to talk about Passengers. We discuss our expectations, the story, giving it all up, utopia, ship design, the characters, what we would do, chemistry and our ratings.

Expectations (00:04:40)
The Story (00:07:41)
Give it Up (00:11:51)
Utopia (00:16:20)
Ship Design (00:19:09)
Chris Pratt (00:24:47)
What Would You Do? (00:26:50)
Jennifer Lawrence (00:35:14)
Chemistry (00:39:04)
Arthur (00:42:11)
Die in Five Minutes (00:43:09)
Time and Place (00:44:49)
Ratings (00:48:35)

Matthew Rushing

Christy Morris
Richard Marquez

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