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106: You’re a Wizard Stephen

Doctor Strange.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us many types of heroes. There are men in super suits, a boy bitten by a radioactive spider, a man irradiated by gamma rays, a being brought to life by an infinity stone, a norse god, a former Soviet super spy and a guy that’s really good with a bow, plus a girl that’s been made, in-human. Yet in all of this there has been something missing, something that’s a little esoteric and outside reality and this year Marvel fills that void with it’s newest hero.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined by fellow sorcerers Aaron Goins and Alice Baker to talk about Doctor Strange. We discuss if it’s something new, themes, missing something, the cast, villains, CGI, the score, costumes and our ratings.

A Big Shout Out (00:02:32)
Something New (00:05:31)
Is it Really New? (00:10:02)
Themes (00:19:10)
Missing Something (00:21:17)
The Cast (00:24:08)
Mordo (00:35:55)
Rachel McAdams (00:38:56)
The Ancient One (00:43:01)
Villains (00:45:55)
CGI (00:52:50)
The Score (00:57:15)
Costumes (01:00:29)
Ratings (01:03:24)

Matthew Rushing

Aaron Goins
Alice Baker

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